Where I'm Going

Press 3x5

After completing all three sets, increase weight slightly and attempt max reps. Once muscle failure sets in on Press, you may begin Push Pressing. Continue until muscle failure and then switch to Jerk. Once you fail on a Jerk your max set is complete.

In teams of two, complete 100 Burpees as quickly as possible While one partner does burpees, the other partner must rest in a wall squat

Coaches Notes: We haven't received much feedback on new class times. Please let us know which class times you would prefer to see. Right now we are thinking about a 7:30am and changing from a noon class to an 11:30 and 12:30 class or adding an 11:00am.

Also, if you are interested in competing in the CrossFit Opens this year, please email Russell.

Also, also, if you are interested in doing the Tough Mudder there are already a few people at the gym that are going. Tara Whittington mentioned getting a CFDE Team together to do it. Let her know on the blog if you want to go or were already planning to.