The Kids Were Wrong

As quickly as possible5 rounds 20 Pull Ups 30 Kettle Bell Swings (53#/35#) 40 Double Unders

Coaches Notes: So I have been watching the Mavs game tonight and I finally noticed something pretty cool. Dirk definitely pose runs. Check out when he runs down the court and you will notice he lands on the ball of his foot and his feet don't strike out in front of his body. Once I noticed this it made me start to think more about how healthy Dirk has been during his career. You can look back at a lot of 7 footers in basketball who have had really bad knee and other leg issues. Dirk just played his one thousandth game tonight and for how tall he is, he is almost always healthy. I definitely think the way he runs has something to do with that. Pose style running is so much better on the joints.