No Light No Light

"Elizabeth"21-15-9 Cleans (135#/95#) Ring Dips

Coaches Notes: We get asked about supplements a lot so I thought I would touch on them. First off, real food is cheaper and contains all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, etc, etc that you could ever need. Now sometimes we aren't as diligent as we should be about eating real food, and even when we do make good choices, the source of the food is poor. Poor quality food contains less of the good stuff. This is the only reason for trying to supplement. Supplements should never be used to replace real food, they aren't called replacements for that reason. I only recommend three supplements. Fish Oil, Vitamin D, and ZMA. Food today contains a disproportionate amount of omega 6 fatty acids, and Fish Oil is a perfect way to balance it out with good Omega 3 fatty acids. Most of us work in doors and get much less sun exposure than our bodies need. Add that to the fact we wear more clothing than we did millions of years ago and Vitamin D deficiency is extremely common. Taking 5k iu's a day will do wonders for you. ZMA (a combination of zinc and magnesium) is a great way to improve sleep, and better sleep is always a good thing. We will discuss supplements in more detail during the Paleo Challenge so if you have any questions about supplements you want us to cover, make sure and post them to the blog.