Open Eyes

In 15 Minutes:Find a heavy 3 rep on Overhead Squat


In 15 Minutes: Find a heavy 3 rep on Push Press


As quickly as possible: 50 GHD Situps

Coaches Notes: Are you sick of the term neutral spine? If so I am sorry but I have to bring it up yet again. GHD Situps are notoriously hard for people to do without going into severe hyperextension and flexion at each end of the movement. Just like we focus on moving the entire trunk through the hip during a hip extension, we want to do the same during a GHD sit-up. Start off by getting into the machine and sit as upright as you can on the pad. Pretend like you are getting ready for a deadlift by setting the lumbar and squeezing the abs. Begin lowering yourself backwards through the hip, NOT the spine. You should lower yourself until you feel pressure in your lower back. You do not want to collapse and bounce off your lower spine. If you lack flexibility in the hip then you fill find it hard to go much farther than parallel without hyperextending the back. Do some good stretching before hand. When you come back up resist the urge to flex the spine and hunch over to reach for the foot pads. It's ok to bend the spine slightly at the top and bottom, we just want to avoid drastic positions.