The Naming of Things

Skill PracticeKipping

As quickly as possible: 400m Run 40 Unbroken Wallball 500m Row 40 Unbroken Wallball 800m Run

The penalty for breaking the first set of Wallball is 150m extra on the Row. The penalty for breaking the second set of Wallball is running an extra 200m on the run at the end.

Coaches Notes: Throw away your pillowy running shoes. Our ancestors walked and ran a whole lot more than we do on flat leather sandals and amazingly they did not suffer from the array of foot and ankle problems that seem to exist today. Part of the problem is that we forget over time how to walk without the aid of shoes with built in arches and soft foam soles. We start collapsing our arches because the muscles we are supposed to activate no longer work automatically. We become less balanced and more injury prone. I am not saying go cold turkey and start walking barefoot everywhere. I do however believe you should start taking steps to wean yourself off of the classic huge soled running shoe. Nike Frees, Inov-8s, and Addidas and other brands all have shoes that have less sole and will allow you to begin adjusting. There are plenty of members at the gym who have gone through changing shoes and can give you great advice on what shoe is most versatile for CrossFit. Trust me, your feet and ankles will thank you.