On A Freezing Chicago Street

Skill WorkKipping

As quickly as possible: 800m Run 15 Deadlifts 15 Toes to bar 12 Deadlifts 12 Toes to bar 9 Deadlifts 9 Toes to bar 800m Run

Coaches Notes: For those of you who came to yesterday's workout, good job. Not every workout we do looks "sexy" on paper. Funny thing though, days like yesterday matter the most. If you came you got some really good upper back and rhomboid work in, and it will help you more than you realize. Got shoulder impingement and strength issues? Ring rows help with that. You also destroyed the hamstrings in a good way. Glute-ham raises develop improved tension strength through the hamstring. Tend to round your back in deadlifts? GH Raises are amazing for improving strength off the floor and keeping better position. If you couldn't make it to yesterdays workout, dont fret, there will be plenty more opportunities in the future to improve in these areas. I just wanted to emphasize the importance of coming on days where it's not a 15 minute fast as you can go metabolic workout. I am sure those that went yesterday can tell you how hard those 3 time trials were at the end too...