Uno Dos Tres

5 Rounds6 Burpees 12 Push ups 18 Squats 200m Run 2 Minute rest

Coaches Notes: Two words today, sleep better. Notice I didn't say sleep more. Just like we choose quality grass fed beef over grain fed, the quality of sleep is more important than the duration. When was the last time you remembered your dreams? How often do you remember them and how vivid are they? Do you wake up feeling sluggish, hitting snooze 3-4 times? It is really important that you get to sleep as many hours before midnight as you can. Start taking a magnesium supplement. Make sure your room is pitch black. The deeper and purer your sleep is, the more you will recover and the better you will feel. We will be discussing this topic more in our next newsletter and as part of our Third Paleo Challenge.