Weekend Warrior

In 15 Minutes, as fast as possible:100 Box Jumps (24/20) 80 Kettlebell Swings (53/35) 60 Push ups 40 Pull ups 20 Ground to overhead (135/95)

Coaches Notes: While at the All Cities Open I noticed some really ugly box jumps while watching people do this workout so I wanted to point out a few things. Number 1, don't lose focus on your actual jumping form. Yes I know you want to make it safely onto the box, but with a good jump this will happen. Make sure when the knees bend during the jump that they stay strong and flexed to prevent them from diving in to the center. Just like we don't want the knees to cave in during a squat, it's important they stay out to the side when loading up to jump. If this is hard for you to to prevent, focus on cork screwing the feet into the ground as you jump. Number 2, make sure you achieve full extension on the jump. Just like we want you to jump tall during a snatch and clean and jerk, full extension in the jump will mean you safely get onto the box every time. Number 3, land softly both on the box and when you jump back off. You want to use the legs as shock absorbers. Your landing position should look just like the beginning of your actual jump.