Enjoy Your Rabbit

"Runabelle"6 rounds 200M Run 5 Power Snatch (135#/95#)

Coaches Notes: This will be a pet peeve post today. Power variations should mimic the full movement of the lift in ever way except that the weight will be received and stopped before the hips dip below the knees. This is an important distinction. Most people will do completely different things during a power movement than when they perform the full lift. Here is the pet peeve portion. A power snatch does not mean throw the weight up, drop down to a power position, and then if the weight isn't locked out over head, continue pressing it out. A press out on a snatch proves that the weight is just plain too heavy for you to be using for a power variation. Not only does it look bad and ugly, but it's not good for the shoulders at all. If you notice yourself pressing out a power snatch forget the ego, take off some weights, and do the movement correctly.