Bushwick Junkie

As quickly as possible: 100 Double Unders 50 Air Squats 400m Run 50 Air Squats 100 Double Unders 50 Air Squats 400m Run 50 Air Squats

Coaches Notes: Here is a fun one, I want you all to pay attention to how you walk today and how you stand. Specifically I want you to look at your feet. When you walk, do both feet point straight forward? Does one or both turn out? When you stand for a long period, do you stand feet straight forward, or out to the side, weight on one leg, or both? These things are actually very important indicators of some issues you may have. I have a strong suspicion that those of you who notice their feet turning out while walking and standing, also have a duck looking squat position (feet slide way out to the side). This makes it harder for the ankle and the knee to function correctly and can lead to knee, hip and or back pain eventually. To fix your squat we have to fix how you walk first. Consciously internally rotate the hips and make sure that the toes land forward. When you stand for a while, keep your weight evenly distributed and again have your feet point forward. You will be surprised by the improvement this makes in the gym.