Many Ghosts

4 Rounds30 sec Dead Hang Pull-ups 60 sec Plyo Push-ups 90 sec Goblet Squat Rest 3 min

Coaches Notes: Mental preparation is often overlooked when it comes to training. In yesterday's notes I discussed how during my routine I mentally prepare for the lift. Mental prep should occur before everything, whether it's a lift or a 20 minute metabolic workout. All of these physical demands require mental preparation to perform best. The truth of the matter is, for whatever reason the brain tends to forget things sometimes. That means even if you've done a thousand high intensity workouts, there will still be a time where the brain has an "oh shit" moment. This moment is where you stop and put your hands on your knees to rest. It's the moment where your brain is yelling at you to slow down. This moment is glorious and should be embraced. Most people succumb and slow down and rest, but mental preparation can help you deal with these moments better. Mental preparation is the time where you tell your brain, look, I am about to do some crazy shit and it's going to get hard and it will hurt. When it hurts the most, you are going to freak out and make me think I should stop, but I won't because I know I will be fine. So next time prepare yourself mentally and embrace what happens during the workout, because you know that you are capable of more.