Do The Right Thing

As quickly as possible1k Row

Rest 5 minutes

3 Rounds 10 Power Cleans (bodyweight) 15 Box Jumps (30"/24")

Coaches Notes: Rowing and Olympic Lifting have quite a bit in common. I am not just saying that because I love Olympic Lifting either. Both have very similar importance placed upon the pull. Efficiency is everything when rowing. In the same way that bending the arms early on a clean or snatch drastically cuts your power, so does bending the arms early when rowing. A nice trick to keep the arms locked out while rowing is to think about pushing the handle away from you as you extend back. Once you have extended as far as possible with your legs and leaned back slightly, only then should you begin pulling with the arms. Remember, your legs and back are infinitely stronger than those biceps, no matter how many curls you still do in the safety of your own home...