Nothing Is The News

As quickly as possible1 Round of Helen Rest 5 minutes 1 Round of Helen Rest 5 minutes 1 Round of Helen

Penalty: If your second or third rounds are more than 30 seconds faster or slower than the previous round, 50 Double Unders

A round of Helen is: 400m Run 21 Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#) 12 Pullups

Coaches Notes: One of the biggest mistakes people make on pull-ups is reaching up with the chin at the top of a pull-up. Ever see someone head banging at a concert and think, wow that must hurt? Well that is exactly what you are doing, only spread out over thousands of reps. Violently over-extending the vertebrae in the neck at the top of each pull up will eventually lead to issues you don't want. Just because the spine has the ability to move to various extremes doesn't mean we should go there. Our bodies are strongest and safest when in neutral position. Make a concerted effort to keep your head from bobbling all over the place when you do pull-ups and your spine with thank you.