Black Cadillac

As many reps as possible in 20 minutes:1 Round of "Cindy" 1 Clean and Jerk (155#/105#) 1 Round of "Cindy" 2 Clean and Jerks 1 Round of "Cindy" 3 Clean and Jerks And so on...

Score is total Clean and Jerks

A round of Cindy is 5 Pullups 10 Pushups 15 Air Squats

From Kevin and Debbie "We've completed over 255 miles, about halfway across the state of Iowa since Sun. morning.  The first two days included about 9000 feet of climb!  We did GREAT, meaning we rode every hill and felt no ill effects the next morning, unlike most of our team mates!  Thanks to our great coaches at Crossfit for helping us ready for this 7 day, 490 mile ride!  We met a lot of fellow Crossfitters via our Crossfit Deep t-shirts!"