Putting It All Together Seminar

WHAT: A no-BS seminar, bringing together coaches with real-world experience in training real sport athletes. What works and what doesn't in terms of programming and philosophy. Participants will receive, along with lecture time, actual "time under-the-bar" with these multiple coaches watching and correcting, bringing multiple points of view and methods of technique correction and improvement. Got a problem with your technique on a certain lift? Bring it here and get it fixed! You will not find this opportunity anywhere else! WHEN: April 30th - May 1st.

WHERE: Full Throttle Fitness, 15222 King Rd, Suite 803,Frisco TX 75034

WHO: Presenters will be Dan John, Jack Reape, Jay Ashman, and Gant Grimes! See bios, presentation topics, and schedule below.

HOW MUCH?: $399. Pay via PayPal button below. (if you sign up at the bottom you will get $50 off!)


The Quadrants: Finally, clarity in the world of weights The Role of Hypertrophy and Armor Building The “Four Knots:” It’s not what you think about core any more. How do YOU measure up? Do “I” need an “INTERVENTION?” What is the impact of the strength coach to sport? Shouldn't it be obvious? Then, why doesn't the team with the best gym numbers ALWAYS win? Should a 1,000 pound deadlifter jog, swim and bicycle? Play in a local basketball league? Should a 12 year old boy rest five minutes between his sets of 92% max on his squat? What's a quality, anyway? Why do the lousy guys do so much more work than the great guys? "Do you want to be stronger or lift more weight?" Have you earned the right to train "sport specific"? Why does it need to be "Strength & conditioning,” not "conditioning & more conditioning"? Do you really need plyometrics? Or, any other new hot idea? If a training principle was considered backwards and nonproductive in the early 1960s, why would you model your career after it? The Incredible Hulk, Sir Galahad and Bobby Fisher get into a contest. Who wins? How does armor help an athlete and when does it hurt? The goal is to keep the goal...what? Why does everybody miss this point? Where is Peggy Lee? Is that really "all there is?" Why does five minutes of work on a piece of paper with a few lines radically increase the chances of success? Five Moves. Three Points. Why do I feel like maybe those zeroes are a bad thing? Why is my favorite sports diet Frogs, Elephants and Alpo Dog Food? Losers get more out of losing than winners get out of winning. Strong statement...but true?


"Stronger Enough; Using Powerlifting derived techniques to give you as much Strength and Mass as You Ever Need and Want" Warmup or Ramp Up Flexibility vs Mobility Eating 101 Training Priorities Consistent Winning Max Effort vs Volume for Strength Dogcrapp vs Volume for Mass Speed Work Assistance-Single Limb Work, Bodyweight, KBs, Machines, Different bars Lifting for Self Esteem, Sport, or Powerlifting GPP to SPP continuum Silly Powerlifting Tricks


Strongman (SM) implements, training, and technique How to program SM into a general training template Common mistakes people make SM in programming. Accessory lifts that complement strongman training. How to utilize SM so it will make you stronger on barbell lifts.


“Coaching Philosophy, Intelligent Programming, and Avoiding the Stupidity of Pop Culture Fitness”

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