New Coach Mel Knourek and Official CrossFit Games Opens

Please welcome our newest member of the coaching team, Mel Knourek!

Mel is a CrossFit Level I Trainer, a CrossFit Kids Trainer and a CrossFit Olympic Lifting Instructor. Mel found the CrossFit community in 2008. She has experienced the lifestyle, mind, and body transformations that encompass what CrossFit is about and is passionate about helping others achieve the same. She has experienced the corporate lifestyle and understands the demands of a busy life. She appreciates the time and energy her clients put into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She has also seen first-hand the profound impact fitness can have on other areas of your life, both professional and personal. Mel’s goal is to help her clients accomplish their fitness goals, reduce stress, and improve their standard of living while maintaining their busy lifestyles. To contact her via email:

The CrossFit Games are upon us, read below for information on how to qualify at our gym!

"The CrossFit Games Open is a six week, worldwide competition in the sport of fitness. The Open is the first step in the CrossFit Games season and takes place from March 15 until April 24. There is one workout per week for six weeks, and athletes compete to outperform each other.

There are four categories of competitions happening simultaneously: Men, Women, Teams, and Masters. For more information, see Competition Rules.

The workouts are varied and no one knows what they will be from week to week until they're announced. The workout for the week is announced each Tuesday, and all competitors have until the following Sunday to perform the workout and enter their results online.

Each workout is explained thoroughly. There are specific variations for Men, Women, and the two oldest Masters divisions. There are video, text, and photos describing the structure of the workout along with the movement standards for each exercise within the workout. There is even a printable PDF that you can take to the gym with you." - From the CrossFit Games Website

The great news is that we are opting in for our members to workout at their home gym. The workouts will be scheduled on Saturdays after the free workout at 12:00pm. To participate you must RSVP to no later than the Thursday before each Saturday event. These workouts are only available to those planning to attend all 6 workouts to qualify for regionals.

If Saturdays do not work for you, email us as soon as possible to get something planned.

A judge is required for each athlete, if you are interested in helping during a Saturday event, please email All judges will meet each Saturday immediately after the Free Workout in order to go through range of motion and other workout parameters to ensure proper judging of all movements.

We look forward to seeing you all compete!