Olympic Weightlifting Cycle #3

That's right folks, it's time for the next Olympic Weightlifting Cycle to begin. Next week will begin the next cycle. The Oly class is great for everyone. Whether you want to get leaner, faster, or stronger, adding an emphasis on Olympic Lifting will help. I am sure those who went through the past cycles can tell you how much it has benefited them. If you are a girl who worries about getting too buff, don't. Explosive movements and strength training will not make you bulk up. You will however improve your bone density, lean muscle mass, resting metabolic rate, and an increase in head turns while walking down the street. Remember, strong girls are hotter. Also, when you show up to work and feel swamped you can think to yourself, "this is easy, I just threw a shit-ton of weight over my head!"

The Oly Class requires a commitment of attending at least two days a week: Tuesday at 6:00am Wednesday at 7:30pm Saturday at 11:30am

So if you want to join up, please email Spencer@Crossfitdeep.com, space is limited to 12 spots and there are only 6 left!