More Events and Olympic Class Results!

We wanted to let everyone know  that December 18th, at CrossFit Uptown, we will be hosting a free workout with LuluLemon Northpark called Kettlebell Rock. We will be doing a take on Tabata Something Else along with other festivities. Food and hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps will be served ;) Wear your crazy holiday socks & santa hats and come join us!! We'll also have a band or play holiday tunes while we rock it out! Get one good last workout in before Christmas... it's free, it's fun, and we'd love to have you!

Now for Olympic Class Updates! The Olympic Weightlifting class kicked off in September and we saw great results as well as increased interest. As a result the class will continue through to the end of the year and into 2011! We will be holding classes Wednesday at 7:30pm and moving Friday's class to 5:30pm. We will gauge how this time change works over the coming weeks.

For those who want to get started right away! Email Eric or Spencer and hop into the classes as soon as this week to begin the teaching phase of the program. The rest of December will give you time to become more familiar with the lifts and be ready for the 12-week cycle starting in January.

For those who completed this past 9-week cycle We will provide a short month-long cycle to prepare you for the full 12-week cycle.

If you are too busy during the holidays, don't fret, you can always join in when the 12 week cycle begins in January.

The Results! Over the past nine weeks, we measured and watched for strength gains in all the members of the class and what we saw was very distinct. 100% of the members who came to both sessions and were consistently in class saw gains in either clean and jerk or snatch. Most members saw gains in both lifts; some saw as much as 20 pounds in 9 weeks! As we looked at the statistics it was evident that coming to the Snatch workout AND the Clean and Jerk workout benefited both lifts. It really isn't that much of a surprise that those who came most consistently and to both classes each week saw the most improvement.

So for those that want guaranteed improvement in technique along with strength gains in both lifts, the Olympic Class is perfect. Email a coach if you have any questions and are interested in being a part of the class!

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