Events: Russian KB Seminar & Luke's Locker CF Special

Hey guys, wanted to call attention to a couple cool events coming up in early December. December 4th: Russian Kettlebell Seminar @ CrossFit Uptown (12-2pm) Have you ever experienced pain after swinging a Kettlebell? Do you ever feel shaky attempting Turkish Get-Ups or wish you could get-up with more weight? Would you like a faster Helen time? Then this course is for you.

Wade will be teaching a two hour Kettlebell course to give everyone a leg up in Kettlebell technique. The Kettlebell Swing and the Kettlebell Turkish Getup, the two moves that provide a solid base for more advanced work such as the Clean and the Snatch, will be taught. In two hours you will learn these basic moves and some workouts that incorporate both, and if time allows a bonus move! People at all levels of fitness and experience can benefit from this course.

This course is limited 10 people and only $50 so sign up today! Wade teaches the Russian Kettlebell Challenge method learned from Pavel Tsatsouline and is ready to share the secrets of Hardstyle Kettlebell with you. If you would like more information on the Hardstyle method of Kettlebells please visit you can also feel free to call Wade at 214-454-4737 or e-mail him at

December 7th: Luke's Locker CrossFit Shopping Night (6-8pm) Wear one of our CrossFit shirts and get 15% off most items at Luke's Locker! With the cold air finally getting here, now is a great time to stock up on some warmer items. Below are some of the brands Luke's has to offer among other large name brands.

-Skins -2XU -CWX -Zoot -Lulu Lemon!! -Trigger Point -Vibram Five Fingers -Terra Plana -Inov-8 -Racing flats and lightweight running shoes from numerous brands