Paleo Challenge

It's Paleo Challenge time! The challenge will start on Sunday, November 7, 2010 and end Sunday, February 6, 2011 . This challenge is going to be a little different than last time . It will last three months and you are going to have an accountability partner (randomly assigned to you from participant pool) and the coaches to lean on in those rough times. There will also only be one performance test. The goal of the Paleo challenge isn't just about losing weight (while that is a nice side effect) it's about repairing your immune system and becoming healthier short and long term. On our last Paleo challenge, many participants saw incredible improvements in body composition and athletic performances and that was only in two short months. Results included a participant losing 26lbs and another shaving 7" off their waist.

What are the requirements?

Registration fee of $35(Sign up here)

Pictures: front and side view*

Measurement: Waist circumference

Keep a detailed daily food log

Crossfit at least 2x per week

Perform max pullups on 11/07 and 02/06

Your job over the next 3 months is to EAT. REAL. FOOD.

You will need to come in on 11/07 at 1:30 to hear a brief lecture from the coaches, draw out of a hat to get your accountability partner, perform max pull-ups, get a handout that includes a shopping list and what to eat, and get your photos taken. If you can't make that and still would like to enter, email and we will set-up a time to go over all the details.

It's really simple and it will be a lot of fun.


How does the accountability partner work? You and your partner/ teammate will need to communicate with each other via e-mail, phone, text or in person a couple times a week to make sure you guys are staying on track. It's really simple and you will get to learn some new stuff about someone in the gym.

What about the Holidays? It's not hard to eat meats and veggies during the Holiday season. We understand a cheat will happen but try to make it gluten-free. We will talk about cheats on Sunday the 7th.

What about Alcohol? Try to limit alcohol during this time. Do not go over 3 drinks per sitting if you are choosing to consume. For best results, go no alcohol.

Do I have to eat perfect? We are not expecting everyone to eat perfect the whole three months.  We expect cheat meals to happen, however, try to eat the best foods possible at all times.

Pictures, really? Yes. Pictures are a requirement to win.

How do I win? Eat paleo foods, get to sleep early and sleep more, try to stress out less and keep a food journal.

What do I win? 1st place individual will get 15% of the money collected and free personal training.  2nd place will win 5% of the money collected and free personal training. The most impressive team will win free personal training for each person. Results will be based on pictures, pullups and food journals. We are working on other prizes so stay tuned.

* All pictures must be taken on 11/07 or during the first week of the challenge . If you are uncomfortable with pictures, you can have a friend take them with the following preferred requirements:

Guys - Shorts or pants and shirt off

Gals - Shorts or pants and work-out top or form fitting shirt. If you choose the shirt, you must take the before and after in the same shirt.

The person must be from 5 to 8 feet away from you and hopefully in the same spot for both sets of pictures. These pictures are for your personal gain and will not be shared with others without permission.

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