The Light and The Glass


1 Clean + 2 Front Squat Progression

Multiple bars will be set with a starting weight, ranging from lightest to heaviest. Athletes will form a line behind their chosen starting bar. After all athletes have completed 1 clean and 2 front squats, weight will be added in set minimum increments. 20lbs for the heavy bars, and 10lbs for the lighter bars. Once weight on heavy bars reaches 200lbs, 10lb jumps are allowed. Similarly, once weight on light bars reaches 100lb, 5lb increments are allowed. Athletes will continue until they are no longer able to complete successfully. Everyone will get 2 attempts to make the lift. If an athlete misses an attempt, they will fall to the back of the line and make their 2nd attempt once their turn is up again.

Light bar starting loads (22#-90#) Heavy bar starting loads (95#-135#)

Trust us, we'll explain everything in the class =)