Paleo Pot Luck!

Get your chef's hat ready, because we are holding our first ever Paleo Pot Luck!

Where: CrossFit Deep Ellum When: July 23rd @ 7:30

It's time to share your awesome Paleo creations with the rest of the gym. Bring your favorite Paleo / Primal dish along with the recipe so we can all share and enjoy everyone's specialties. Also, be sure to email your recipe to so I can put everyone's recipes into one big CFDE Paleo Cookbook! It doesn't have to be a dinner item either! Bring your best paleo  breakfast, lunch, snack or dessert dish!

Off Limits Ingredients: All grains, soy, legumes, corn, white potatoes, artificial sweeteners and white sugar, or anything processed.

Ingredients to be used sparingly: Honey, agave nectar, xylitol and other "natural" sweeteners, chocolate, dairy (preferably raw options and full fat)

Paleo Recipes:

Bring friends, family, and of course alcohol (gluten free preferably). The gate will be open but parking will go quickly so please remember to bring some change for the meters. We don't have any plans for after we are all stuffed full of Paleo goodness but we may decide to walk somewhere close  for drinks afterwards.

This is a great opportunity to be introduced to different Paleo dishes and also to meet and mingle with all our new members, and those from other class times you don't see that often.

Be sure to tell us in the comments what you want to make. We are going for variety!