CrossFit Deep Ellum Adventure Team

“Regularly learn and play new sports.” Greg Glassman - Founder of CrossFit. CrossFit is superb at preparing athletes for the unknown and unknowable. It is easy to forget that all of our hard training is meant to allow us to go out and enjoy other activities!  Here at CrossFit Deep Ellum, we are looking for a fine bunch of individuals who would like to get outside, maybe get a little dirty, and engage in new sports and activities.   This will be the start of an “adventure” team.  Ideas include mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing, competitions like Muddy Buddy, 5k’s & marathons.  The possibilities are endless.  Although this isn’t a competitive team, we could make it as such.  This will be fun and interesting, and a way to get to know your fellow gym members better.

With that being said, the first “event” we would love you all to enter is the Katy Trail 5K next Thursday at 6pm.  I know it's short notice, but the coaches that aren’t teaching class that night have signed up and are looking forward to seeing you out there representing our gym.  The link can be found HERE.