CrossFit Deep v2

[updated 10:48am]

It's been in the works for quite a while and we are proud to finally unveil the new face of the CrossFit Deep Ellum website! As we take our coaching, programming, and gym to the next level, it only makes sense to take our website to the next level too. Version 2 now includes cool community focused features such as groups, forums, customizable profiles, event posting, and more for you guys to discover.

Some cool things you might not realize you can do:

1. Using an @ sign before a person's username in comments or any other area on the website will automatically create a link to their profile page as well as notifying them that someone mentioned them on the website

2. List hobbies in your bio and separate them by commas and the website will automatically create links so you can see who else listed the same hobbies by clicking on them

3. Think Facebook! You can send private messages to people, write on their wall, and reply to activity posts on a person's profile

4. Lots of cool stuff can happen in groups. Once you join a group you can start forum topics where people can have discussions on similar topics

5. Click settings in your profile to access notifications where you can customize how you get notified about certain events

6. Let's take a quick look at the homepage. Under the rotating banners you will see the current WOD and under that, the most recent blog post. If we look to the right, we see our new sidebar. Gym info and Elements info is nothing new but under that is a list of upcoming events and under that, for those wanting to learn more, a Recommended Reading feed. These links are rotating and coming from various sources about fitness and nutrition approved by your coaches.

We hope you like the changes. Let us know what you think as you explore the new website.