It's Thanksgiving!

Alright, so the gym is closed and you are about to embark on what will probably be your worst cheat meal of the year. What do you do? Well we have devised a couple fun ways to workout on your own no matter where you might be. Try to complete everything listed below at some point during the day. I would recommend not doing the burpee portion soon after the feast. A. Spend 15 minutes practicing handstands

A lot of you will be with family, hanging out with nieces and nephews and cousins, and generally having a good time. Why not have a few laughs while your sitting around in your socks by practicing your handstands. Try not to break Grandmas favorite vase, or put a foot through a wall. Try to incorporate the children or whoever else is around too. Remember, toes pointed to the ceiling with active shoulders and arms locked out. We want to squeeze down our abs to make sure there isn't any hyper extension of the lower back. Here is a pretty good tutorial

B. 50 Burpees for time

We all know the potency of the burpee. Fifty burpees for time is an explosive and relatively short exercise. What's great about the burpee is it's very easy to teach and younger kids love to do them for some reason. This is another activity where you can definitely get some involvement from the family.

C. 36-24-12-6 reps of 2 count flutter kicks, air squats, mountain climbers (bonus points - complete with eyes closed)

For those of you that get your second wind later in the night, this is a great little workout that requires barely any room at all. Remember the key points of the air squat, feet under hips, toes keyed out slightly, lumbar curve engaged, weight on heels, knees tracking over toes, and hip crease must break knee crease as far as depth is concerned. Remember to raise your arms at the bottom of the squat if maintaining balance on the heals and an upright torso are difficult. For the firebreather, try doing this whole thing with your eyes closed. I promise it will be much different.

We hope you enjoy these workouts, make sure to post your times for each.

Here at CrossFit Deep Ellum we are very thankful for each and every one of you. In the short time that we have been open you have already begun to establish quite an amazing culture; you are a community of athletes willing to push yourselves in pursuit of a more healthy and fulfilling life. All the coaches at CrossFit Deep Ellum again say thanks. We will see you soon.