A beautiful sight to behold

I can't explain the feeling I got when I looked at the matted floor with lifting platforms snugly secured between. A couple months ago this place was a complete mess. Poorly constructed walls, painted floors, live wires in the ceiling, the list goes on. Now the building is stripped clean, painted, pull up bars are welded and installed, brick walls are knocked out and replaced with huge bay doors, and locker rooms are built, plus a ton of other enhancements. Last night the whole crew along with some of our great friends helped out with moving equipment into the gym. We became quite the assembly team after building several Sorinex GHDs. It was an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Here is a picture earlier in the day as we started the matting process. We will be updating the website on a very regular basis as we creep even closer to opening day. Stay tuned for information regarding our first Free Saturday Workout.

Mats and Platforms